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A Comforting Thought

As it was before, so it shall be again.

Warm days, hot days, bare feet and ice lollies.  Somehow knowing this is a little way down the line helps me to enjoy what is now, encourages me to make more of these winter months.  There are moments of joy in each season that are beyond my expectations in their beauty, in their simplicity.  That ordinary moment that catches me by surprise and makes me wonder ‘how did I get so lucky?’.  Two healthy boys, running in and out of water on a hot day.  For me that is when it all makes sense, when normal and excessively joyful mix to make a perfect moment.

Wishing all a good beginning to this winter week with thoughts of now and thoughts of what will be in equal measure.  Happy Monday!



Bits of Happy

I thought I’d share a few (but not all of course!) of the things that have made me smile this week.

-A nature walk in -16 temperatures with my intrepid friend.

This magazine that I love.  My dad bought me a subscription for my birthday and I love it. Yes magazine is the perfect title as it really is about what we say ‘yes’ to and how we can bring about so much positive change with our choices.

-A delicious lunch with even more delicious company.

-A moment of brotherly connection as they stalk their prey in the woods.  Not sure what they were stalking but they were pretty serious about it!

-Planning our future, or more specifically our to-be home and wondering if this might be part of it…could it work?

This soundtrack from one of my absolute favourite shows (I’m a Gleek), this is the latest one and I’m sure they are all great but this one has us all bopping and grooving around the house!

-Speaking of grooving…

I love, love, love the moves on this boy and the fact that he can’t stop those dancing feet!

What is making you smile this week?